Me & My Ananda Give Away – and the winner is....

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Earlier this month we announced a new favourite give away – our Me & My Ananda Give away. And so over the course of the past few weeks many of you have submitted stories that touched our hearts. Stories that showed, more than ever, that Ananda Soul is more than just a jewelry brand.

Over the last few years (!) we were lucky to meet so many beautiful humans, our customers that had special stories with their Ananda jewelry to share. Amongst these shares were stories that touched us deeply – woven into your lives these pieces have become precious memorabilia for unforgettable moments in life, heirlooms of your truest self, tokens of care, support or love – yes, these pieces were more than just simple accessories.

And so we wanted to share and know more: we invited you to tell us your personal Ananda story. How did a specific piece of jewelry influence your life? What piece did you choose or receive? What did this piece mean to you?

Thank you…

And first of all we would like to say THANK YOU. For sharing your stories, your hearts, your intentions, your experience.

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of anecdotes that touched us deeply. Reading through them was like being granted a sneak peek behind the curtains of a human life. It mattered so much. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. It was such an honor to receive.

There is no way we could choose between your beautiful, heartfelt stories - each one of them just shone with so much love, it left us incredibly touched... so the winner has been selected at random.

And the winner is…

Rosemary B

You win 1x 'The Universe has my back' necklace.

"About a year ago I purchased the 'Through it all ' ring. When I found this ring I knew the universe was telling me I needed it. My teenage daughter has had anorexia for 3 years and this ring gives me strength to cope. I have not taken it off since I received it. I do often read the message inside being ...'I will hold you through it all ' I LOVE THIS RING" - Rosemary B


Your stories, your voices

Whether it was heartbreak, birth or relationship challenges – here are three beautiful stories that we didn't want to keep from you.

This is Caroline, who shared a beautiful story with our 'Through it all' ring:

"I treated myself to the ‘Through it all’ ring when I gave birth to my son almost two years ago. It was the perfect ‘me to me’ present to congratulate myself on going through labour and becoming a mother. The engraving on the inside is perfect - to me it has a multifaceted meaning. Motherhood is hard sometimes but I will hold him through it all. I will also try to hold onto who I am myself, because it’s easy to get swept away in being someone’s mother and forget to look after yourself too and remain your own person. I wear the ring 24/7, on the opposite hand to my wedding ring, so I’m always with reminders of the two people I love most in the world. I am expecting my second son in a couple of months time and am hoping to find a special piece of jewellery to commemorate his birth as well." - Caroline

'Through It All' Ring

Jody found the strength to guide her marriage back on track with 'Ancient Wisdom':

"I chose ancient wisdom earrings and necklace and the universe has my back necklace as my first purchase. There are many other amazing pieces I will purchase as I’m able. I am incredibly called to this jewelry with all of its beauty and intentions. I chose these pieces for myself at a very sad, scary time in my life when my husband and I were going through a difficult time together. I bought them for myself and rarely take these pieces off to remind myself that I am intuitive and I innately know the direction to go and to remind me that the universe has always had my back and will. I’m so happy and grateful to share that my husband and I are on the right path now. Thank you so much❤️🙏🏻" – Jody S

And Jeanette found solace and meaning in her pieces as she was going through a breakup:

"I came to Bali this year in February and bought my first pieces of Jewelry at your Ubud store. I met somebody just before that who didn’t treat me very well. We broke up when I was still in Bali and while I was packing my luggage to go back home I looked at the pieces that I bought from you. Back then I bought the 'Ever Evolving' ring, the 'Intuitive Wisdom' earrings and the 'Intuitive Wisdome' necklace and all of the sudden I was feeling calm and it felt like all the pieces fell in place. I think I didn’t just accidentally choose those pieces but it was more like an inner voice that led me to that decision - even though we weren’t separated by the time of my purchase. I’ve been wearing at least one of the pieces every day - as a reminder that everything happens for a reason." - Janette G

Don't forget if you didn't win today, you can join our Moonly Giveaway every single month simply by posting an Instagram story! Click here for more details. 

Thank you again for all your shares and contributions. Every story touched our hearts deeply – and you are all winners in life for allowing yourselves to be seen. 

With a lot of love,

Ananda Soul


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