It's time for a ring party! – How to stack and style your rings

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One of many beautiful things of being a human is that we have been blessed with ten fingers.

Why is this worth mentioning? Because you are reading a blogpost about rings.

And because we have so many beautiful designs which quite often make it hard for us to just commit to one or two specific pieces. Hence – it’s good to have ten fingers!

Like any get together or party there is one ‘rule of thumb’ (or pick a finger of your choice): the more, the merrier. Because: the greater the variety of stones and materials, the bigger the creativity.

To create a ring stack that lights you up every time you look at it, we found a few rules helpful:

  1. Make it personal: The rings you pick represent your own style, convey an intention that speaks to your heart or carry a special meaning because they might have been gifted by a special someone. Pick what matters to you today, rather than just what looks good. Make it meaningful (that’s also a really good advice for life – you are welcome :) ).
  2. Play around with placement: Nobody said rings only need to sit on our ring finger. Allow yourself to play around with the different placements and shuffle, shuffle, shuffle until you find it visually appealing. Rings in different sizes, with or without stones can make a stack look really cool.
  3. Dare to mix: we have ring designs and crystals of all sizes and shapes - what a wonderful opportunity to combine different stones and symbols. Try mixing one of our big rings with one or two of our more delicate ones and see how that looks.
  4. Go big or go home: it is a party, so, go above and beyond with the mix. We just recently launched two new big stone rings with a beautiful Labradorite and Moonstone and the cool thing is that you could even combine them with one another on one finger. Dare to go big, instead of playing small (another great piece of advice for life).
  5. Have fun: Our last rule is simple: have fun in the process of styling. Layering and stacking are all about self-expression. There are really no limits to it. Relax, have fun, and indulge in your creative side.

And here are our favorite combinations to really get creative for yourself:

1. From Darkness to Light Labradorite + Dance with your Light + The Universe has my Back

 2. Through It All + Gentle Heart + Shoot for the Moon

Ready to play?
Have a look at our rings section!

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