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Dreading Valentine's day?

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day has become another commercialized holiday, meant to encourage more shopping and gift giving. Much like any other holiday that has been degraded by the world of advertising and retail, the original meaning, of course, was about a feeling, a relationship -- and being grateful for it.

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Gratitude is at the center of every major holiday, if you think about it. Christmas and Easter are about being grateful for the connection to spirit, or whatever you’d like to call it. Mother’s Day encourages everyone to realize how grateful they are for the women that raised them. Even holidays honoring people like Martin Luther King, Jr. were put in place for us all to take pause and feel gratitude for the change those people brought about to better the world.

mother's day

Valentine’s Day is no different. Because the basis for love, when it comes down to it, is also thankfulness. With a romantic partner we are thankful for the love they give, free from judgment. With a good friend we are thankful for their companionship, their ability to make you laugh, their willingness to be there for you during hard times. With ourselves, we are thankful for the ability to stand on our own two feet, both physically and mentally. We are thankful for our ambitions and our goals and our dreams, that drive us forward to be better human beings.

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You see, you don’t need to be in a romantic relationship for Valentine’s Day to have meaning.

In this fast-paced, digitized, commerce-driven world of ours, we have the opportunity to view Valentine’s Day as an excuse to pause and think about the love we experience in our lives every day: puppy kisses, co-worker camaraderie, sibling loyalty, and so many others.

puppy love

Recognise that love and feel joy that it is present in your life. Don’t worry about being single or about finding the perfect gift for your partner, instead, focus on the small stuff, and the holiday will mean so much more.

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