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History Of Evil Eyes

"What do we have in life, really? If we're lucky we get to a certain age, and we have each other. We have the food we like. We have our crazy little rituals. And we have each other."
~ David O. Russell

There are some moments in life that you always know are going to be big. And yet you only grasp the magnitude of the experience once those moments actually happen. There aren’t many words for the whirlwind of emotions still washing through me after my ‘little’ sister’s wedding.

Ever since our mom passed away 17 years ago, imagining the day we'd get married always felt a little bitter-sweet to my brother, my sister and I ... knowing that she wouldn't be by our side in the physical for these important events.

Meaning and Origins of the Evil Eye pendant

When it comes to warding off the mystic malevolent forces of the world, there is perhaps no charm more recognized or renowned than the ‘evil eye’.

The eye in both, the 'I see you' necklace as well as our newly released 'Here To Be' charm is the ancient symbol of the evil eye, one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. Wearing this pendant is known to provide protection against evil forces and unkind vibrations. This powerful symbol is found in almost every country and religion in the world including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. 
What amazes me is that while the cultural differences between these countries and religions are significant, the meaning of the eye pendant remains largely the same, regardless of where the story is told:
Have you ever received a look from someone that gave you chills down your spine? Or have you glared at someone with squinted, piercing eyes (and flared nostrils lol) out of anger or envy? This is the vibration the eye pendant is meant to protect you against. 

To understand the origins of the evil eye, one must first understand the distinction between the amulet and the evil eye itself. Though often dubbed as ‘the evil eye’, the ocular amulet is actually the charm meant to ward off the true evil eye: a curse transmitted through a malicious glare, usually one inspired by envy.

Ananda Soul 'Here To Be' charm
It is believed that our eyes are one of the most powerful points in our bodies, able to send powerful energy into the world and holding the force to bring about misfortune and misery.

In Hinduism, it is believed that jealous and envious feelings are at the origin of the power of the evil eye. In addition, while they believe that every sentient being - women, men, and animals - are capable of giving the evil eye, it is known that women are the most common source of the evil eye.
This almost brings me to tears in my intentions to inspire women to focus on the strength, beauty and light inside themselves rather than focusing outwards in comparison to the achievements, looks and successes of others. We need to become aware of the strength and power of our focus - especially as women as we are highly connected to our intuition and magical, witchy powers, learning to be loving and caring with our gaze of ourselves and the world.

Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones From the Power of the Evil Eye

First and foremost, it is important to understand that we are all capable of bringing pain and suffering to others and ourselves - through our thoughts, words, actions and EVEN our looks. So above everything, to protect the world from evil, we need to practice love, compassion and care for ourselves and others despite our weaknesses.

One of the most popular ways across the globe of being protected from the powers of the evil eyes is to wear evil eye talismans and pendants. These symbols are worn to reflect the evil energies. This pendant originates from ancient Greece and is known as an apotropaic amulet, meaning that it reflects harm.

Practice This Important Cleansing Ritual:
Now I’m probably not the one to tell you that we have an abundance of dark energies floating around on our planet - hatred, war, competition, depression, addictions, the list is long and sad. While I am all for guarding oneself against dark energies, it seems rather useless to just ‘reflect’ evil energies away from oneself only for those vibrations to continue to circulate on our globe, continuing to destroy and create suffering.

This is where this beautiful and powerful cleansing ritual comes in that a dear Balinese friend taught me a few years ago:
  1. When you receive an eye amulet or pendant, hold it in your palms and close your eyes, feeling the gratitude of protection and love washing over you.
  2. Once your heart is filled with the sensation of gratitude, think of a body of flowing water you have access to. This could be a little stream in a park, a river in a city you visit regularly or a waterfall you love. 
  3. Now imagine all of the dark energies in the world along with the ones that you are protected from when wearing your evil eye pendant to be sent into this stream of water. Here they are lovingly absorbed by Mother Earth who generously and happily receives dark energies, composting and transforming them into new life.
  4. From now on, any dark energies coming your way will be reflected and channeled towards this source of flowing water.
  5. Whenever you are able to visit this source of flowing water, hold your pendant into the cleansing stream and thank the waters to always protect and purify dark forces such as envy, jealousy, hatred, and competition. If you wish, bring along flowers or other natural offerings to release into the stream, expressing your gratitude.
  6. Be a source of loving eyes, carrying the awareness that your own eyes have the power to shower others with love as well as be the source of deep suffering. Choose to be a source of love.

Evil eye Cleansing Ritual


Have a special someone in your life who could use a little extra protection?

We just recently launched the Here to be range as a part of a new collection. This range has been created to invoke recognition of who you came here to be: that you are a daughter of the witches they couldn't burn, the bearer of the wisdom of a mysterious force that breathes life into all. Be the witch you came here to be are the words written on the back of the charm to remind you to be exactly that instead of the woman society has told you to be.

The symbol of the evil eye is the guardian and protector of a force that rests deep in your being, ready for you to be summoned to change this world for a better, more loving, more nurturing place. These pieces carry the ancient tale of our own female power, of source and sovereignty.

Evil Eye Jewelry

These pieces are the perfect little gifts:

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