Ananda Soul's 2023 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

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Discover the perfect holiday gifts in Ananda Soul's 2023 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide. From bestsellers to meaningful pieces for loved ones, this guide has something for everyone.

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As the year draws to a close, the season of giving and gratitude is among us. Along with the twinkling lights, warm cups of cocoa, and cozy gatherings with loved ones, it's also the perfect time to show appreciation for the special people in our lives. And what better way to express your love and gratitude than through meaningful gifts that show true appreciation? 

At Ananda Soul, we believe that jewelry has the power to convey emotions and tell stories. Every piece is thoughtfully handcrafted with love and intention. That's why our 2023 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide is carefully curated with the most unique pieces from our collection to help you find that perfect gift for your loved ones. Here are some of our favorite picks from the guide.

Bestsellers: Timeless Pieces That Speak to the Heart

Our bestsellers are chosen again and again by our customers for their timeless beauty and ability to convey love, joy, and hope. These pieces are perfect for those who appreciate classic designs with a touch of modern elegance.

We love the timeless Into the Light necklace, a delicate pendant with a potent Moonstone engraved with the words "I surrender into my light" as a reminder to let your full expression shine through. 

Another popular piece is the True to Myself hoop earrings, which showcase raw-cut Aquamarine gemstones, the stone of courage, known to promote self-expression and authenticity. Like all our gemstones, they are 100% natural and ethically sourced, making them not only beautiful but also kinder to the Earth.

Gifts for Your Partner: Say "I Love You More"

Show your partner how much you cherish them by gifting a meaningful piece that symbolizes your deep love and appreciation for them.

Our You Are Loved necklace is a beautiful reminder that they are always in your heart. This necklace features an angel pendant, a symbol of protection to show them that they are always held.  

The One Day at a Time hoop earrings are another lovely gift idea that represents how you build your life together, one day at a time. These hoops feature White Topaz gemstones, strong healing stones that inspire joy, love, and calm.

Affordable Elegance: Meaningful Jewelry Under $150

Affordable Elegance: Meaningful Jewelry Under $150

Even if you're on a budget, there's no need to compromise on quality and meaning. Our collection includes a variety of beautiful pieces under $150 that are ideal for gift-giving. 

Our Gentle Heart bracelet is a perfect example of affordable elegance, with its delicate design carrying a beautiful Pink Tourmaline gemstone, known to promote a soft heart and compassion. 

Plus, every purchase you make helps us change the world a little. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to supporting the community where our jewelry is crafted by giving back 10% of our proceeds to the women and underprivileged children of Bali through various projects.

Christina's Favorites: A Personal Selection from Our Designer

Our founder and designer, Christina Zipperlen, created Ananda Soul with the intention of spreading love and joy to everyone touched by her pieces, whether through creating them, wearing them, or gifting them. 

For this holiday season, she has hand-picked some of her favorites that carry a powerful message of love and gratitude. 

The Infinite Potential necklace, engraved with "All is Possible," inspires freedom and self-empowerment to fulfill your heart's desires and dreams. 

Another favorite of Christina's is the Ever Evolving ring, with a Labradorite stone representing transformation and growth, an important reminder to embrace life's journey. 

Gifts for Your Daughter: Uplift Her Journey Ahead

Ananda Soul was created with a deep desire to empower women, and we wouldn't be where we are without the work and dedication of our incredible team. 

These amazing women pour their love into the design, creation, and packaging of every single piece, from the first sketch to the day the jewelry reaches your hands. We hope they serve as symbols of strength and empowerment for your daughters, encouraging them to shine brightly in their own unique ways.

For the next generation of strong women, we love the Dare To Shine necklace. This necklace features the Archangel Gabriel, reminding her always to follow her truth and believe in herself.

Another meaningful gift for your daughter is The Universe Has My Back earrings, featuring a crescent moon and Labradorite stars, encouraging her to sink into trust, knowing that the universe has her back. 

Specialty Holiday Gift Sets: Double Up the Sparkles

As well as being created with intention and crafted with love, all our creations are blessed in a traditional Balinese ceremony, infusing them with powerful energy before they reach you. If you're finding it hard to choose from our 2023 holiday gift guide or simply want to have double the sparkle, we've put together some special sets with pieces that complement each other perfectly.

D:\Downloads\3. From Darkness to Light ring.png

Our From Darkness to Light ring set includes a Labradorite and a Moonstone ring, representing our own journey from darkness into light. Like all our holiday sets, they come with a discount, making them excellent value for money.  

Or, if you're a fan of combining your pieces and layering necklaces, our Infinite Potential and I am Whole necklace set is the perfect gift for you. The Infinite Potential necklace symbolizes endless possibilities, while the I am Whole necklace reminds us that we are already whole and complete, just as we are.

Elevate Your Gifting Game with our Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

No matter which piece or set you choose to gift this holiday season, know that it carries a powerful message of love and intention, not only for your loved one but also for yourself and the world.

Ready to spread joy and blessings to your loved ones? This holiday season, let your gifts be more than just objects. Let them be stories, let them be affirmations, let them be symbols of love and strength.

Find the perfect gift for your special someone that they will treasure for a lifetime. Or even treat yourself- because you're someone special, too! Explore Ananda Soul's 2023 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide and create unforgettable moments this holiday season. 

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