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It's that time of the year again. The holidays are approaching fast gifting us much-needed time for reflection, connection and contemplation. 2022 has been a year of many: many events, many opinions, many highlights, lowlights, hopes, and bursted bubbles. Even during post-pandemic times, life has felt unsettling, unsure, vulnerable, new and refreshing, all at once. There is a big need for truth and authenticity. For standing up for who you are, using your voice and yielding your personal power. 

Actions speak louder than words. And so do intentional, meaningful gifts. Something to pass on that is rather felt than just admired.

How do you find the perfect and meaningful gifts for the special people in your life? Something meaningful that resonates with their hearts, that they will treasure and will show them how much you care for them?

We at Ananda Soul have put together our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the most beautiful, unforgettable, and personal presents for those you hold dear to your heart. To support, encourage and cherish them. 

Gift by intention, let our symbol and gestures speak and make a wish for one of the most important persons in your life. Start now, to make sure you get your gift in time for Christmas.

10% of all proceeds will go towards the Bali Children Foundation to support local Balinese kids to go to school. 

Why are the Holidays so Special?

For many people, the holidays are a time to reflect on the year that has passed and to look forward to the year ahead with hope and joy.

No matter what your religious beliefs or holiday traditions are, this season is a time to surround yourself with the people you love and to express gratitude, compassion and care. We come together to honor and celebrate our relationships and show our loved ones how much we care to support them.

A thoughtful gift can be a beautiful way to show someone how much you appreciate them and to give back some of the love you have been given.

If you are looking for holiday gift ideas that are not only unique but also deeply personal, here is our guide to selecting the perfect gift with intention, love, and purpose to change the world little by little.

What does your loved one need to hear right now?

2022 has offered a lot of rough patches - individually and personally. The right words can soften the edges of the challenges and sorrows we carry in our hearts. What is it that your special person might need to hear right now? How can your loved one be better supported in whatever she is going through? What would be a good and valuable reminder or intention to bring into a new year or to come to peace with a closing one? What do they need to be reminded of?

Here are some of our favorite pieces that carry special messages for your loved ones:

  • Infinite Potential Earrings: Turn your senses towards the limitless potential of whatever your heart desires with these earrings engraved with the words 'All is possible'
  • I Sink into Love Necklace: This necklace invites you to return to your balance point in life through the words 'I trust myself and sink into love.'
  • Honor This Body Ring. This beautifully crafted ring depicts the Archangel Ariel, the angel of nature and protector of the earth, with the words 'I honor this body, I cherish this earth' engraved on the inside.
  • Live By The Truth Earrings. These earrings carry the essence of Archangel Raphael, the angel of universal healing, together with the words 'I live by the truth of my soul' to keep you connected to your inner guidance.
  • Here To Be Earrings. These earrings hold an ancient tale of female power, source, and sovereignty, with the words 'Be the witch you came here to be' for every woman to come to recognize her true feminine essence that lies dormant within. 
  • Through It All Ring or Necklace. This collection carries the energy of Mary Magdalene, with the all-encompassing mother energy of unconditional love expressed in the words 'I will hold you through it all.'

Big stones and small stones

Natural stones are a blessing from Mother Earth and she infuses them with healing properties and unique energies. We offer a sweet variety of big stoned and small stoned jewelry to support you in all you are walking through:

  • Ever Evolving Ring and Bracelet. This collection set with labradorite, the stone of transformation, is here to remind you that the universe is in perfect flow and fluidity at all times.
  • Daydreamer Bracelet. An ode to the daydreams born of happy days and gentle being, the Herkimer Diamond in this bracelet is a powerful amplifier of spiritual energy and a perfect conduit of the universal Life Force. 
  • Angel Whisper Necklace. The Rose Quartz in this piece encourages heart-opening and unconditional love, with the added support of a little feather encouraging you to fly towards your dreams.
  • Manifest Your Dream Ring:  This beautiful Labrdorite ring has been birthed to remind you of your intrinsic capacity to manifest and call anything into form that has been dreamed up in colorful mosaics of your mind.

Pieces for sensitive beings

The Moon is a potent symbol of feminine energy, intuition and magic. Moonstone is a stone that enchants us with its soft and magical feminine energy and pearly white light and incites a deeper understanding of who we are. It captures all the magic of the Moon and gathers it in one shimmering piece invoking psychic protection - something particularly highly sensitive people long for.

If you are looking for a gift that supports the softness of our being, the feminine aspect within and that offers a gentle protective field that is permeable rather than walled, look no further.

  • Into the Light Necklace: This beautiful floral shaped necklace is an invitation to shine in your full expression and step into your wholeness, instead of playing small.
  • Intuitive Wisdom Bracelet: This delicate and gentle Moonstone bracelet is an invitation to come to understand that your light is just as perfect and complete as it is and that there is a greater wisdom residing deep within you that you can call upon at all times.
  • Wise Wild & Free Ring: This ring has been created to remind us that our true nature is exactly that: wise, wild, free and no part of us is meant to be tamed if taming means to suppress.

There's more to gift than just one piece

Are you or your loved one fans of layering necklaces, mixing and matching earrings, or stacking your rings?
Ananda Soul Jewelry is designed to be combined and mixed based on your favorite styles and the intentions that you would want to charge yourself with.


Overcome Obstacles

Our wonderful Ganapati Necklace with Rudraksha carries the essence of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. Rudraksha beads are powerful seeds known to connect their wearer to pure consciousness, making them perfect fot the intention of this mala. Ganesha removes but also places obstacles gifting us trust and understanding that whatever is in the way is the way. Lord Ganesha is the ally to call in when moving into new endeavors, a new life chapter or maybe even a new year.

A gift that you can share 

Our set of two matching Friendship Bracelets is a perfect gift for best friends, soul sisters, or anyone else you share a lasting bond with. They come in pairs so you can keep one and give the other to your special someone, with the intention that you will always be connected. Our wonderful Bali moms braid these bracelets, and we donate 100% of the profits from this non-profit piece to the Bali Children Foundation.


Ananda Soul Has the Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Loved Ones

No matter what intention you want to infuse your present with, our gift guide is sure to have the perfect piece for your loved ones.

If you are undecided, why not gift the gift of choice with a gift voucher from Ananda Soul. This way  you can be sure they will receive the perfect gift that can be cherished for years to come and remember you with love every time they wear it.

If you wish to add an extra touch of detail and devotion to your gift, we recommend adding a beautiful 'You Are Loved' greeting card with your own personal message to your order. 

You can also add our lovingly designed gift packaging to your purchase. Your gift box is delicately tied with a golden silk ribbon, decorated with dried flowers and crowned with a beautiful wax seal, adding the perfect personal touch.

We wish you a peaceful and joyous holiday season filled with love, lightheartedness and blessings.


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