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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Meaningful gifts from the heart (that won't end up on a landfill)

You know that we're all about designing and making meaningful creations for you that make a difference in the world. We thought you might have some people in your life who share those values and so we put together a little Holiday Gift guide for you. Wishing you and your loved ones a magically beautiful holiday season!!
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For your sister (soul sisters included):

Some special pieces that are the perfect little gifts for sisters, soul-sisters, best friends and the epic, inspiring women in your life. Have fun browsing!


For your mom (and the women in your life that feel like mom):

Express your love and gratitude to the powerful woman who has given you life. And if you are like me and have more than one mother-role in your life we put together a few creations that carry that deep connection inside of them. 

jewelry giftguide

For your soulmate:

Some precious gift ideas for that person in your life that makes you feel like home.

For the digital nomad:

Got those friends who need to keep their belongings in the size of 1 suitcase at all times? We got the perfect gifts for you! Practical, small, earth conscious. No luggage panic, we promise!


For the yogini:

Beautiful gift ideas for the powerful, devotional yogis.


For your yoga teacher:

Just in case you got some teachers, healers, therapists or similar light workers in your life that are rocking your world we put some gift ideas together for those precious beings.

For your Co-worker



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