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The term ‘New-Years-resolution’ seems to have earned a bit of a bitter vibration - it’s just so rarely that they actually stick. It just doesn’t make sense to choose one day out of the year to decide on the changes we want to make and then give up on those changes only a few weeks later.

I personally find it way more powerful to use this precious time to get really clear on what my soul is yearning for. To reflect on my passions and on my purpose. For this year I chose to go on a juice fast until the end of the year to take time to meditate, journal, read and reflect on my priorities in life.

I’d love to share some practices and books with you that you might want to listen to or read this New Years eve.

All throughout the year I have a strong practice of listening and reading the work of different inspiring teachers who help me stay in track in the direction of my dreams. Here is some of them:


I had the honor to meet Anita earlier this year and I can say with deep love in my heart that she is one of the most inspiring humans and teachers I have ever met. Her story of crossing over to the other side and coming back to teach self love is beyond powerful. I’m in the middle of her current book ‘What if this is heaven’ and absolutely LOVE it - so powerful to realise that our perfect life is right in front of us.


I’ve been listening to Michael Beckwith for a number of years now and his book ‘Life Visioning’ was a powerful lesson to get really clear on what I want to be creating in my life.


This brand new audio and workbook program takes the old system of setting New Year’s resolutions, and turns it inside-out—which is how goal setting should always be: inner attunement before outer attainment. Love that woman!


This is one of my favourite books out there - I have to say the teachings of Abraham have hands down changed the way I think, act and feel in this life. I listen to Abraham daily during my yoga practice and I feel more positive and connected to my soul every single time. So beyond grateful for these powerful teachings.



This one is a good audio book to have around just in general. Sometimes when I wake up in a funk, I turn this on while I’m getting ready and Louise’s beautiful affirmations gently sneak into my subconscious, directing my thoughts and feelings into a higher vibration. I got introduced to Louise’s work while my mom was at the end of her battle against cancer and have always felt connected to this inspiring woman ever since.

I hope these tips and recommendations serve as inspirations for your New Years activities. 

May this New Year bring you love, prosperity, clarity, and may you soar courageously sharing your soul’s message with the world. 



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