10 tips to live a more eco-friendly life

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Some of you are just as much of a full-time nerd about sustainable production and conscious consumerism as me. Today I feel thrilled to dive into some ideas around how we can live a bit more eco-friendly in our day-to-day life.

 10 Tips for a more sustainable life

  1. Sustainably made

Let us try to purchase products that are locally made or from companies that are absolutely transparent in their work conditions. My own preference is to buy from family businesses and small companies that are connected to their hearts. Everything we wear, use or consume has been made or grown by another person. Imagine that person is your friend or family member and inquire if that loved one was treated with care and respect.


  1. Recycled materials

Make it a habit to purchase items that aren’t affecting the planet in a negative way. Shoes made from recycled plastic, second hand clothes, jewelry using recycled silver, eco-bricks re-using plastic to build homes – these are just a few examples of countless options available made from recycled materials. Think outside the box and do a bit of research to find some of the amazingly inspiring companies making it their priority to not harvest any more resources from the planet.


  1. Organic materials

If you can’t purchase items made from reused or recycled materials, try to go with organic and natural ones. There are numerous beautiful brands – along with our clothing line – that exclusively use organic cotton and plant based materials.

Did you know that cotton is the most pesticide intensive crop in the world? This means that it not only leads to thousands of children in India born with deformities and farmers across the globe dying from cancer due to working with toxins daily but it also means that we absorb these chemicals every single time we us non-organic cotton. That goes from our clothes to our kitchen towels to our tampons. Need any more reasons to go organic? Thousands of farmers have committed suicide in recent years, leaving behind wives and children. The high price of GMO cotton seeds and pesticides was the reason for these farmer’s desperate acts.

  1. Fashion made with plant based dyes

The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world. The chemicals used to dye fabric not only pollute our waters but also affect our health with our skin absorbing these harmful toxins. Try to source clothes that have been dyed with plant based colors. Once you familiarize yourself with the fascinating process of plant based dyes you won’t want to wear anything else. Every time I visit the natural dye factory we work with I am in awe of the techniques of using Indigo and other plants to receive beautiful shades of blues, yellows, reds and browns.


  1. Boycott sweatshop production

I have made it a rule for myself to not buy from any big brands anymore where I am not sure if their products are made in sweat shops. No excuses – no “I really need to save a little” or “they make really cute underwear” or “these jeans really makes my butt look cute” or whatever other little stories I used to tell myself. It actually becomes fun to only ever buy something if I know it was made with love & sustainable – and that it will be a favorite piece that will make me smile every time I wear it. This takes care of any guilt or regrets after buying ‘so-so’ items.


  1. Giving back to the local community

Support brands, stores and companies that give back to the local community. We strongly believe that a sense of family and community will alleviate many of today’s issues the majority of societies are facing such as depression, loneliness and sense of loneliness. By supporting charities and the local community we strengthen the sense of belonging and support right in our neighborhood.


  1. Really think about each purchase 

Having lived in 5 different countries by now, I certainly have gone through a few cleanouts of my belongings. Every time I go through such a ‘spring clean’ it hits me how little we actually really need. Next time you buy something, ask yourself why? Like really. Why I am buying this right now? Is it necessary? Do I love it enough to keep it through the next spring cleanse? It’s not just your wallet that will be grateful for the mindfulness :)


  1. Slowing down

Whenever I start packing too much into my life I notice that I end up producing more rubbish. I stand in the super market and forgot to bring my bag. I take my juice in a takeaway container to save time. And I certainly didn’t have time to pack lunch so I quickly grab something on the go. Taking the time to slow down and plan a little not only feels good for our overall wellbeing but also makes our planet smile.


  1. Recycle but more importantly, reduce

Yes, we all know that it’s important to recycle. But did you know that the majority of recycled plastic actually can only be reused in a ‘downcycle’? That means that after 1-2 times reusing the plastic it also ends up on a landfill, polluting our waters and harming our planet. That is why reducing waste is way more precious than recycling. Try to shop at your local farmers market and bring your own bag. Buy grains, oils, etc. in bulk at your local health food store, filling them into your own containers. Get creative – and plan ahead (which requires point 8 of slowing down)


  1. Make your own cosmetics, body lotions and toothpaste

This one is my new favorite J I noticed through how many face creams, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, etc. I go every year – and the amounts of containers that go along with them. I’ve been loving to make my own products or buy in bulk refilling my own containers at the local health food store. There are amazing recipies online to make your own face cream. My recent favorite ingredients have been Jojoba oil, lavender oil, shea butter and aloe vera all blended well for an amazing face cream.


  1. Walk, ride a bike, take public transport

 Whenever possible try to find ways of transportation that are eco-friendly. Ideally walk or ride a bike and if that’s not an option, use public transportation. Instead of driving your car and getting angry at the traffic you can read a book, listen to podcasts or meet new people.

What are your own personal ways of living eco-friendly? We’d love to hear about them! Please share your tips in the comments below. It takes all of us to do this together 💖













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  • ??? love this post. I’m obsessed with minimalism, both for eco reasons and peace of mind. It is so liberating. Now I only have to find sustainable underwear ?

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