The Waxing Crescent Moon is the moment where a sliver of light has begun to illuminate the path in front of us as the Moon embarks on a new journey. The light is beginning to shine back onto the world supporting the actualisation, germination and growth of the ideas, seeds and new beginnings carrying forward what has been defined in the dark period before.

The Waxing Crescent Moon is the first step toward the Full Moon, and although it is still mostly dark, the Moon is once again gaining light. To many cultures the Waxing Crescent is a sacred and spiritual part of the Lunar Month as it promises initiation, activation and breakthrough.

You have been born under the new light of the Crescent Moon if you were born between 3 ½ to 7 days after the New Moon. 


Kindness and empathy are key traits of your personality. You live in an intuitive world and have a tendency towards a more spiritual and contemplative life. Your natural sense of positivity goes hand in hand with your ability to find faith even in troubling times.

Born under the first sliver of light, you are one spontaneous, initiating being brimming with curiosity. You meet the world and life as an adventure and are generally up for anything. Your curiosity is what prompts you and you want to understand life, the world, and the greater purpose in everything. 

Waxing Crescent humans are unusually quick learners and consume information at a rapid rate, giving them keen awareness. This awareness makes you someone who is a natural cheerleader, one who is encouraging to yourself and to others to go for your dreams and walk the walk until the very end.  


Waxing crescent children are drawn to do good in the world, but like a seed in its early stage there can be a sense of struggle and frustration in life before the ultimate breakthrough towards the light can happen. In this struggle, you may find yourself clinging to the past and at times doubting the way forward. 

You are generally self-assertive and carry a calling to follow your inner authority, which brings about an incredible strength and perseverance to go after your goals. Being born with just a glimpse of light, you may often feel an increased pressure to do or create. 

One of your biggest lessons is to rest into that inner authority and break free from imposed conditioning. The more you do that, the more opportunities will open up to you. Embrace discomfort and awkwardness as a crucial part of your path. Accept potential failure, messiness and growth pain as important side-effects of risk-taking. The first step often is the hardest, but once taken, new opportunities will rise to blow your mind.

Children of the Waxing Crescent tend to be similar to those born under the New Moon - adventurous, enthusiastic and joyous. But there is one key difference: your tendency to be more contemplative brings out a form of timidness when it comes to taking risks and trying new things. 


When that timid and contemplative side in you is activated, another tendency of yours might surface: you want to cling to the past to stay in your comfort zone. The main challenge in those moments is to break free from the past and your yearning for comfort, in order for you to shine your brightest, most liberated, joyful light. 

Amidst all of this, you might encounter difficulties creating strong boundaries. Despite the difficulties, consider this your sign to keep going as these boundaries are required to become independent of belief systems and concepts that are rooted in the deep soil of the past. 

Be mindful when you do finally create such boundaries, it may at first feel as if you are going against the grain, and in many ways you are. You may find a lot of resistance in those who are used to relating to you in a certain way. They may feel threatened by your breaking from the status quo. By asserting your will and determination you will foster belief in yourself and a new creative version of you, a version entirely in resonance with your inner truth. And so you continue to begin. Again and again and again.


If you are born during the Waxing Crescent moon phase, this is your power day and it’s a potent day in the lunar month to initiate new projects, to work with ritual and ceremony, to let things go and to take some sacred time out for you. If you pay attention, you may notice that it is around this time that you feel more energized as this is in harmony with the day you arrived on Earth!

During a Waxing Crescent Moon, it's important to use this time to start planting seeds for the future and make moves towards your goals and desired outcomes for the month ahead. This moon signifies the germination of your intentions. This is often when we begin to actualize events that began at the start of the New Moon. Write down a list of practical goals that will lead you to manifesting the intentions you set during the New Moon. This is also a good time to review and revise your current morning ritual and adjust it if need be.




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