Organic Cotton

We exclusively use certified organic cotton in our collection. That means no toxics are polluting the waters and land of Bali, where our creations are made.

All our fabric is dyed with 100% plant based dyes, making it completely toxic free. We use plants such as Tarum leaf for blue tones, Secang wood for reds, Mango leaf for yellow tones, Mahogany leaf for browns and Ketapang leaf for grey tones. 

Did you know that cotton is the most pesticide intensive crop in the world? This means that it not only leads to thousands of children in India born with deformities and farmers across the globe dying from cancer due to working with toxins daily but it also means that we absorb these chemicals every single time we us non-organic cotton. That goes from our clothes to our kitchen towels to our tampons. Need any more reasons to go organic? Thousands of farmers have committed suicide in recent years, leaving behind wives and children. The high price of GMO cotton seeds and pesticides was the reason for these farmer’s desperate acts.

So going organic is a no-brainer for us. Browse our certified organic collection here.