10 tips to live a more eco-friendly life

Some of you might have read my article in the elephant journal ‘Why going to yoga makes me angry’ that went a bit viral. What I didn’t write in that article are the reflections that actually triggered this piece: My strong passion to help make a difference to protect our precious planet. I’m excited to share 10 tips to live a more sustainable and eco friendly life.

Due to this passion I am so crazy passionate about sustainable production and conscious consumerism. It is time we wake up to really become aware of all our little actions and their impacts – daring to look underneath the surface.

This ‘looking underneath the surface’ for me is to continue on the journey of ethically and sustainably produced fashion. I’d love to share how this has shown up in our creations.


How to live more sustainably:

  1. Sustainably made:

Try to purchase products that are locally made or from companies that are absolutely transparent in their work conditions. Everything we wear, use or consume has been made or grown by another person. Imagine that person was your friend or family member and inquire if that loved one was treated as such.

  1. Fashion made with plant based dyes

The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world. Try to source clothes that have been dyed with plant based colors. Once you familiarize yourself with the fascinating process of plant based dyes you won’t want to wear anything else.

  1. Organic fabrics

Cotton suicides due to GMO cotton. Pesticides and disease from xxx

  1. Recycled materials


  1. Buy less but good quality – no sweat shops at any cost, not to tell ourselves that is where we need to save, this will make us look better


  1. Giving back to the local community

  1. Really think about each purchase – what are we trying to fill
  2. Slowing down to have the time to not use takeaway containers or plastic bags
  3. Recycle but more importantly, reduce

  1. Make your own cosmetics, dressings, body lotions and toothpaste

  1. Walk, ride a bike, take public transport