A special gift guide for Mother's Day

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My mother was my first country.

The first place I ever lived.

– Unknown

Motherhood is a miracle. Mothers are a miracle. They are heaven sent. 

It requires compassion, patience, intuition, resilience and strength. Becoming a mother asks a woman to shed the idea of who she once was. New life comes with a little death, too.

Being a mother requires giving so much of oneself to and into another being that it is one of the most selfless ways a person can choose to live their life.

In a world where women and mothers in particular are still undervalued, mistreated and not considered equal to men in many ways, we want to hurrah and celebrate that which is the essence of the feminine: creation, birth and nurture.

We at Ananda Soul worship and celebrate motherhood. Not only are several members of our team mothers and are offered the opportunity to work in a supportive work environment – we also choose to support Balinese mothers in need by offering them hands-on help to build better lives for themselves and their children.

Honour your mother this Mother’s Day – whether it is your own mother, your godmother, a friend who is a mother, a sister, grandmother, aunty, the mother within you, the mother that didn’t get to be one or even the one that is long gone… make today a day to celebrate womanhood. May you honour your lineage and all that has been passed through to you to share with this world.

We curated a wonderful gift guide to celebrate and maybe support the mothers/women you know through their life and its different stages. 

Gift by intention and make a wish for one of the most important persons in your life. Code MOTHER will take off 10% off the usual price.

10% of all proceeds will go towards the Bumi Sehat Foundation in Ubud, Bali.

Intention I: Strength, Power and Protection

She always shows up for her family. Like a lioness she steps in and shields the ones she loves to protect. But even the strongest shield will wear off after some time. She needs protection and shielding, too.


 I Surrender & I Trust Earrings, Gentle Warrior Necklace & Ganapati Necklace



Intention II: Love and Gratitude

Your mother is a rock, she forms the heart and center of home and family, she will always be there if things go wrong. Today is a beautiful opportunity to express your heart's whispers.


Intention III: Beautiful Reminders and Blessings

If times are bumpy and challenging, all a mother sometimes needs is a gentle nudge, a sign and reminder that she is held and that she's got this. Most importantly by being herself and listening to her intuition.


My Love Is Powerful Mala, The Power Of Intuition & Angel Whisper Necklace


Intention IV: Time to yourself & replenishment

Also mothers need some time to decompress and slow down. When she can show up for herself, that is when she can show up for everyone else. Gift her these beautiful reminders to help her slow down and take things step by step.


 Breath Of Life Earrings, Compassion Ring & One Day At A Time Necklace

Because she actually loves silver more than gold :)

Not every mother loves Gold. Share the same messages in Silver!

 Follow Your Bliss Earrings, Wise Wild Free Ring, Inner Guidance Necklace


Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

With love, Ananda Soul

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