Jewelry ...

... that changes the world a little.

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Soul purpose collection

Little gifts that make a difference in the world.

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give back

Find out how your order gives back to the Balinese community.

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Rings ...

... that make your soul smile.

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Soul Purpose collection

The 'Soul Purpose' collection is especially dear to our hearts since it is the merging of all reasons why we make jewelry! 

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Supporting women and children

We work with local women and we donate a portion of each order goes towards sponsoring the tuition of an underprivileged child in the North of Bali.

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We created the #changetheworldalittle campaign to share the story of wonderful change makers doing their part towards a brighter world through sustainable fashion, teaching body positivity and helping underprivileged women & children and so much more.

May you feel encouraged and uplifted to shine in your way - because the world desperately needs you to do so.

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Sustainable materials

We do not take more than we give back to the environment. We only use precious metals that are already circulating on the planet and avoid adding any additional toxicity to the planet. 

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